The ancient château of Grimard is set in 8 hectares of land. The earliest parts of the building probably date from the 13th century. Over the years the property has undergone many changes. Since 1988 the new owner has been restoring the old building to it"s original character and has been breathing new life into the property. Slowly but surely the château is being reborn.




One of histories vestiges, Grimard lies mid-way between the medieval town of Puy L"Evêque and the Roman village of Duravel in the beautiful Lot Valley.



A region with a rich past, the River valley traces the footsteps of its previous occupants: Prehistoric man, the Romans, the Moors and the English who tried to occupy during the Hundred Year War. All have left behind many sites that are well worth a visit.

The countryside around Grimard is still wild, with pleasant green valleys. The Lot is a marvelous region for those who love walking, cycling, horse riding, boating or swimming.

The fertile valley of Quercy, in the heart of the Cahors vineyards, has a rich culinary tradition: truffles, walnuts, foie gras, poultry, goats cheese and Quercy lamb, without forgetting the famous, full-bodied Cahors wine. Let yourself be tempted by the warm welcome awaiting you in the local restaurants and "ferme-auberges".